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Situated on the southern coast of Portugal, it is hard to say whether Albufeira is more renown for its pristine beaches or the multihued cliffs that frame its milky white shores. The diversity of the landscape is just one of the fascinating things that make you never want to leave once you visit Albufeira. Each beach that is found in the city is breathtakingly beautiful and amazingly, each enchanted seafront is uniquely its own. Situated against the stunning backdrop of jagged, kaleidoscopic cliffs and crags, no two sections of beach in Albufeira look alike. Just a short walk inland and the terrain changes from sapphire blue waves lapping at finely powdered sand to a lush green, tree dappled  countryside splashed with the cheery brightness of terracotta colored, tiled roofs.

Once a thriving fishing village, complete with its own castle, Albufeira has transformed itself in modern times into a major holiday resort destination. Leisure is king in Albufeira.  With several well known golf courses, it is easy to lose yourself for the afternoon on the sunny greens that overlook the ocean from every angle.  Whether you are a beginning golfer or seasoned pro, Albufeira has a golf course that will challenge and delight you.

With a small museum that houses 15th and 17th century Ming ceramics and a municipal art gallery that holds frequent exhibits, the city is awash with aestheticism and style.  The city is also host to a municipal archeological museum that tells the story of the region from prehistoric times to present day.  The cultural life of Albufeira certainly is as rich as the city’s fascinating history.

  In the city of Albufeira, lies a perfect mix of mellow leisure by day and titillating excitement and pleasure by night. Visitors can spend all day relaxing on the beach and then dance the night away at one of several discos, restaurants, or bars. Well known for its sense of fun, the city knows how to have a good time and welcomes visitors to its never ending night time party. The hotels of Albufeira are resort like in their grander. With spa like amenities and spacious well appointed rooms, it is hard to leave their opulent splendor, even for the beauty that awaits you in the city.  Like everything else in Albufeira, the hotels take your breath away and remain on your mind long after your visit has ended.


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