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Located in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean, the breathtaking Azores are made up of nine picturesque islands. Discovered by explorers from Portugal in 1427, the islands soon became an important stopping point for travelers between Europe, Asia, and the Americas.  As a result of the decadent cargo carried by most passing ships, the region attracted its share of pirates and now is rich with tales of plundering and raids.  Later the Azores played an important role in the victory of the Allied Forces during World War II. Today, despite the modernization of the world around them, the islands are very much as they always have been, making them one of the last untouched places of natural beauty in the world.

With a temperate climate that changes little between January and December, visiting the Azores is like taking a long walk in a cool, flourishing garden. Flowers spring up along the shores, their bright colors creating a dramatic contrast against the deep blue background of the dazzling sea.  The pace of life on the islands is slow and stately, allowing those that are blessed to live and visit here time to drink in the inherent beauty that surrounds them. 

Animal life in the Azores is at its best in the sparkling waters that encompass the islands. Fish, shell fish, and seafaring mammals make their home in the cerulean waters. The highlight of a trip to the Azores is a dolphin and sperm whale watching excursion.  The islands also have an eclectic mix of sea birds that make their homes in the peaceful lagoons that dot the landscape.



The nine volcanic islands are broken up into three regional groupings, each with its own unique flavor and attractions. The Eastern Group includes Sao Miguel and Santa Maria, the Central Group is made up of Terceira, Graciosa, Sao Jorge, Pico and Faial, and the Western Group consists of Flores and Corvo.  All of the islands with the exception of Corvo have gracious hotels that will welcome you with open arms.  If you want to stay on the island of Corvo, it is possible to make arrangements to stay in the private houses of the island’s citizens.

Stepping onto the shore of any of the Azores Islands is better than stepping back in time.  It is like stepping into a place where time stands still and life pulses to the rhythm of the waves gently breaking on the sand




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