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Research Center


Dear Travelers,

Coming to Portugal in a near future and do not know where to stay? Want to get in touch with the country without the rules and obligations of hotels in far away places from historical centre? Simply need to SAVE SOME MONEY?

Well...We couldn't agree more!!! Have you not considered renting a house for a few days at a low price and dealing directly with the owner?
Probably you can even get a better deal. Now you have a
chance for this. You can start negotiating for a BARGAIN while staying  several days or weeks in Portugal for an extreme low price.
Travel all you need and discover all you want. Rent a house!
HOW to get those houses' contact information? Well...let us just say that here is where we come into action.

Simply request the Plan Portugal Travelers Research center. Yes!! For a
very small amount you can get a direct  database of houses or villas to rent in that region/city you plan to stay. Simply just email us your requirements  and we will do the rest. Within 2 Business days you will get a full report and database of houses to contact and negotiate. All you need to do next is to call and settle an arrangement. We can assure you that House/Villas owners will be glad to hear from you.

Whether you wish to come for the New Year, discover our past heritage or simply enjoy our
warm sun....just require our service. We save you all the hassles, you make the agreement.
ENJOY YOUR Vacations!!

You may contact with questions and order your Research Plan:

You will get with your Research Plan:

A) Direct Contact Information
Contact directly the owners of such houses/Villas and expose your idea. It is the perfect oportunity to negotiate a bargain and have a great house for several weeks at your disposal.

B) Detailed Information of the surroding and places to visit

Consider it a welcoming guide to the region. Explaning several historial and cultural aspects you will also receive tips and advises on places to visit.

Portugal Travelers Research Plan
$9.90 for FULL detailed information for your Region and more than 20 Houses/Villas to choose. ORDER NOW!!!

Please e-mail us with details of what you're looking for and we'll work out a plan.

Thanks for your interest, and we look forward to help you on your search.



Portugal: travel around and find out the essence of the Land!